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Product Description

The ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter is the ideal compressed air tool enabling users to perform air audits quicker, easier and more effectively. The meter comes with a Modbus output allowing easy connection to an ENMAT data logger for reporting to ENMAT Cloud Energy Management Software.

The ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter is an all-in-one device. It measures the most important parameters together, without the need for additional sensors and cables.
It’s easy and quick to use: Mount the ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter in the pipe and start measurements immediately.


ENMAT has two flavours of the ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter

  •  ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter Standard 
  • ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter designed for wet air – expert instrument

Resistance to pollution and water drops.

Typical applications

  • Wet air, discharge of the compressor
  • High temperature
  • High velocity, undersized pipes

*check user manual and application note on installation restrictions.

The difference between the ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter Standard and the ENMAT Modbus Compressed Air Flow Meter designed for wet air is in the sensor module. The technology is
different and therefore the specifications and the applications of the instruments are different.

Standard – Thermal mass flow principle   


Designed for wet air – Differential pressure technology 



Before making an enquiry

Before contacting ENMAT about your Compressed Air Metering requirements, it would be useful for us to understand the following:

    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Pipe size
    • Pipe material  (e.g. Galvanized)
    • Can pipe be isolated?
    • Power supply
    • Service or application description
    • Flow rate and range – from existing meter if existing meter exists.
    • Is a Hot Tap In required?
    • Do you require installation?
    • Restrictions for installation i.e. Weekends


Compressed Air Monitoring Software



ENMAT Monitors Compressed Air so that Energy Managers can determine consumption over periods of time.

Using ENMAT’s  Automated Alert Management system with monitoring units such as compressors will help you to identify any leaks or over-usage at an early stage.

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