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MULTICAL® 602 is an all-purpose energy calculator for heat and cooling together with almost any kind of pulsed flow sensors and with 2 or 4 wired temperature sensor pairs. Used  together with Kamstrup ultrasonic  flow sensor ULTRAFLOW®, even more advanced functions are available. On account of its pinpoint accuracy the  meter registers precise consumption throughout the whole lifetime of the meter.

The meter is maintenance-free and has a long lifetime which guarantees minimum yearly operating costs. The meter also comes with a Modbus output allowing easy connection to an ENMAT data logger for reporting to ENMAT Cloud Energy Management Software.

MULTICAL® 602 is a thermal energy meter with many applications. In addition to being a precise and reliable heat  meter for battery or mains operation, MULTICAL® 602 is also used for:

  • Cooling measurement in water-based systems
  • Bifunctional heat/cooling measurements in separate registers
  • Leak surveillance of hot and cold-water installations
  • Power and flow limiter with valve control
  • Data logger
  • Data communication
  • Energy measurement using ENMAT Energy Management Software


Heat Monitoring Software

Improve the energy efficiency of your heating products with ENMAT’s Heat Monitoring Software and heat metering.

Heating and hot water can account for 60% of your total energy use. By ensuring that efficient heating systems are specified, operated and maintained the potential savings can be substantial.

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