ALMOST 12 million tonnes of carbon emissions were displaced by green energy in Scotland last year.

UK government figures showed 11.9 million tonnes of CO2 was displaced in 2013, up 14% on the previous year.

The Committee on Climate Change, which advises the UK government, said Scotland was making good progress.

The reduction – an average of about a million tonnes each month – is the highest-ever recorded in the country.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Aileen McLeod said Scotland was “leading the way” in the transition to a low carbon economy.

Different figures released last month showed renewables had overtaken nuclear to become the main source of electricity in Scotland for the first time.

Wind and hydro power produced 10.3 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity in the first six months of this year, UK government statistics showed.

Nuclear power stations generated 7.8TWh over the same period, with 5.6TWh of electricity coming from coal-fired power stations and a further 1.4TWh from gas-fired stations.