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Product Description


The enLink DC100 is a single phase MID approved direct connect electricity meter with built in GPRS communications.
MID approval and built in GSM/GPRS communications makes the DC100 an ideal meter for feed-in-tariff (FITs) monitoring and other applications requiring import and export energy metering where there is bidirectional energy flow.
The DC100 is simple to install without any specialist knowledge or tools. Once connected the meter displays GSM/GPRS wireless signal strength on the LCD display.




  • Fully MID approved for MCS feed-in-tariff metering
  • Built in GSM/GPRS communications
  • GSM/GPRS signal strength shown on LCD display
  • Easy to fit SIM card
  • Direct connect up to 100Amps
  • Measures import and export, active and reactive energy
  • Instantaneous power quality information. Volts, Current, Power, Power
    factor and network frequency
  • Optional external antenna for installations with poor signal
  • Automatically sends consumption and other data to ENMAT Energy Software for analysis



This versatile meter can provide functionality over and above that required for Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) metering making it suitable for many other applications. Additional functionality includes Time-of-Use Rate Switching, Power Quality Recording, Active (kWh) and Reactive (kvarh) energy measurement across both import and export. These features can be accessed and configured remotely via the mobile phone network.

The DC100 also supports network resilient SIMs where the meter automatically selects the best available mobile phone network and remains resilient to local network outages. The DC100 displays the number of available networks on the LCD. This single display allows meter installers to monitor network reception before leaving site knowing that the meter can communicate effectively.




  • Built in GSM/GPRS communications for transmitting consumption data via the mobile phone network
  • MID certified for billing
  • Single Phase 100A direct connect meter
  • Meets the requirements for Feed In Tariff (FIT) metering
  • Automatically sends data to host computer or ENMAT Monitoring & Targeting (aM&T) software for further analysis
  • Can be used stand alone or combined with ENMAT’s hosted energy Monitoring and Targeting software to provide a complete energy management solution
  • Easy “Plug & Play” configuration & operation requires no specialist knowledge, tools or IT skills to operate or deploy
  • Assists with compliance of Building Regulations Part L
  • Low cost data SIM packages available
  • Can be combined with other smart metering or logging such as the ENMAT Premium logger




Technical Data- Meter


  • Voltage – Nominal voltage 220V—240V,  Maximum 276V, Voltage withstand 415V continuously
  • Frequency  – Nominal frequency 50Hz,  Frequency variation ± 5%
  • Current  –  Basic current (Iref) 5, 10, 15 and 20A,  Maximum (Imax) 100A



  • Accuracy – Active energy Class B, to EN 50470 1-3, Reactive energy Class 2, to IEC 62053 –23

Meets the essential requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)2004/22/EC



  • Temperature range -25°C to +55°C
  •  Ingress protection IP52, to BS EN 60529

Meters are intended for installation in a in a class E2 electromagnetic environment and Class M1 Mechanical Environment according to 2004/22/EC Directive.



  • Terminal arrangement BS 7856
  • Main Terminal size 8.2 mm diameter
  • Terminal Construction Solid brass



  • (including module) 182H×126W×68D