ESOS is a mandatory energy auditing scheme affecting around 7,000 companies in the UK.
Latest research shows that around a quarter of affected companies are yet to act, despite
the impending compliance deadline of 5th December 2015.

ESOS compliance can only be met via Lead Assessor approval, who are energy efficiency
experts registered with the Environment Agency, or via ISO 50001 certification. It is
important that affected companies understand the level of work required to meet ESOS
Lead Assessor approval and compliance over the next six months.

ESOS goes way beyond just a data collection exercise as some companies initially believe.
Collecting formal energy data with evidence, and carrying out full energy audits is a timely
exercise, hence action should be taken soon. Failure to comply with ESOS regulation can
lead to significant fines and penalties.

Act Now

There are limited registered Lead Assessor available to help you meet compliance and with
a large number of companies yet to take action, prices are expected to rise significantly
over the next few months.

Envantage have a range of Lead Assessors and a team of energy efficiency specialists ready to help you meet ESOS compliance and deliver real energy savings.


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