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According to a report by The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) the UK could save up to £8bn a year by using electricity better.

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) envisages a smart energy revolution with more cables linking the National Grid to mainland Europe.

The Commission said that smart power, based on improved energy storage technology and demand flexibility provided by the internet of things, could help the UK meet its 2050 carbon targets as well as secure the UK’s energy supply in the generations to come.

The report suggests the nation should pursue additional interconnectors with other European countries where the benefits are most significant.

Investing in energy storage will provide greater balancing potential supporting an increase in renewable generation, as well as supporting local systems in managing disruptive energy use models arising from increased electrification of heat and vehicles.

By connecting thousands of web-enabled appliances to the grid we can reduce supply pressures at peak times, minimising the need for additional plant capacity. Such demand flexibility is already being used by larger organisations such as supermarkets and hotels to support National Grid in times of high demand.