Envantage Ltd offer a bespoke Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) solution (ENMAT) to enable organisations to save energy and cut costs. Aimed at industrial firms, commercial businesses, and multi-site retailers, ENMAT utilises the latest in metering and monitoring technology to obtain a full picture of your utility usage across single or multiple sites.

ENMAT is cloud based platform accessible from any internet enabled device. The system delivers access to a wide range of data analysis tools covering utilities such as electricity, natural gas, steam, heat, compressed air, and water. The flexibility of ENMAT allows for these utilities to be monitored at a group, company, and site level when using fiscal meters. With the installation of sub metering, utilities can be monitored more granularly by site area, or by equipment/machine level.

Graphs showing consumption data are available to view over a range of time periods from as little as one minute to annual intervals. Reporting frequency and data analysis periods can be easily selected as desired across a range of analysis tools.


Envantage engineers have a professional approach to Energy Management and work with a wide range of energy users, delivering energy efficiency and carbon related solutions. A key part of delivering energy savings is to understand how energy is consumed, which is best addressed by M&T.

After working alongside a range of clients with M&T implementation and use, it became apparent that many systems on the market were not providing flexible solutions and data analysis tools to address the needs of energy managers and engineers. As a result, ENMAT has been developed in-house from the ground up to address key areas of energy management. It provides a range of flexible tools to meet the specific requirements of energy managers and engineers.

As the system has been developed in-house, it has a lot more flexibility that other systems on the market place, and unique services can be developed in partnership with the client if required.

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