Example Dashboard


As with many aspects of ENMAT, your Dashboard can be customised to each user’s preference or access rights.


The default Dashboard layout is to group charts together based on utility type, which are colour coded for easy navigation.


Each chart is clearly labelled and has an icon unique to that chart type.

Utility Types

ENMAT can collect consumption data from six different types of utility meters: Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Heat, Steam, and Compressed Air.


ENMAT is a very flexible M&T software package that enables the monitoring of multiple fiscal meters and sub meters simultaneously. By organising your meters into a logical hierarchy within ENMAT it is possible to generate charts customised to your needs within your business.

The diagram to the right shows a simple example hierarchy for a site where sub metering has been installed across multiple distinct areas. ENMAT allows users to generate charts at any of the levels within this hierarchy. This allows for monitoring overall site consumption, across each area within a site, or at the level of an individual meter quickly and easily.