Fully customisable energy and business intelligence for enterprises

ENMAT Advisor is the new class-leading energy and carbon reporting system from Envantage Ltd. We have poured 16 years’ experience of managing energy and carbon businesses into developing a system to deliver a comprehensive reporting suite for enterprises of all sizes.

Class-leading visualisation

ENMAT Advisor uses the latest data processing and visualisation tools to let you see your data in ways that help you to understand what is driving your consumption. Supporting your decisions by making data easily available and understood is central to the system’s value.


ENMAT Advisor is delivered with a series of bespoke reports, designed to meet your needs. Every report can be analysed, you can drill own into your data to enable you to understand what is affecting your business.

What does ENMAT Advisor offer?

ENMAT Advisor is a complete energy and carbon reporting system designed to deliver the reporting required by demanding energy managers production directors and financial professionals flexibly and on demand.

It’s not just about energy and carbon: ENMAT Advisor can report on any resource you can meter on site. Production; water; raw materials… the possibilities are only limited by your ability to collate the data.

Access your information anywhere, on any device

ENMAT Advisor is delivered via a cloud based platform, meaning that you can access your reports anywhere you can get an internet connection. We also have a mobile app available so you can analyse live information on the road or in meetings, supporting your decision-making whenever you need it most.


We can design new reports and alter existing ones using the intuitive tools within ENMAT Advisor. As your understanding improves and your needs evolve, you can develop new reports against your live data to give you and your teams vital information when it’s needed.

Use your existing meters, and add more when you need to

ENMAT Advisor does not need a new metering infrastructure. It uses existing data feeds to deliver comprehensive, consistent reporting from your existing meters. You can add to your meter portfolio any time you want and easily incorporate new data into your Advisor reports.