Monitoring and reporting of metered energy information

ENMAT Essential supports your business’ operational and energy efficiency strategy by helping you save on utility costs and reducing your carbon footprint. Designed for consultants, engineers, energy managers, business team leaders, suppliers and many others.

It has been built from the ground up to provide the utility consumption and trend analysis tools that are needed by energy users.

Energy information at your fingertips

Our consumption charts and analysis tools allow users to identify areas in a business that can be targeted for energy and cost savings.

ENMAT Essential from Envantage Ltd

We can import consumption data from many different types of utility meters. This includes fiscal meters such as half hourly electricity meters and gas meters, and hundreds of different types of sub meters. This allows you to visualise and manage the consumption of various utilities (including electricity, gas, water, compressed air, steam and heat), power quality, and carbon emissions.

Accessible on any device
ENMAT Essential on any device

Cloud based utility monitoring software accessible from any Internet-enabled device.

ENMAT Essential can provide your information to your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the choice is yours:

  • Check reports and consumption profiles to answer questions instantly
  • Monitor site consumption profiles remotely – working from home or travelling between locations
  • Deliver up-to-the-minute information to your energy meetings
Simple, per-meter pricing

ENMAT Essential is not a subscription-based offering. Your fees are simply calculated per meter on a sliding scale.

More meters = a cheaper rate per meter.