Representation of your energy financial data for business

ENMAT Visualizer is a cloud-based analytics tool which allows you to view our pre-designed dashboards or customise your own reports to see your energy, finance and budget performance information quickly and accurately.

Your energy performance, analysed for your needs

Quick filtering on demand enables you to break down your information by site, or by metered fuel. Rapid on-screen dashboards show you exactly when and where your resources are used, linked to your contract information to give you costs on demand.

Scheduled reports, distributed to your key people

Reports can easily be scheduled and automatically emailed to your key stakeholders, even if they’re not registered ENMAT Visualizer users. This helps you to perform better whilst promoting good energy practice across your organisation.

Multi-site, multi-fuel dashboards, with custom access

Each site can have dashboards showing specific information, relevant to their needs. This lets ENMAT Visualizer drive real results across your business locations.

Secure data access for your teams

ENMAT Visualizer is delivered via a cloud based platform, meaning that you can access your reports anywhere you can get an internet connection. We also have a mobile app available so you can analyse live information on the road or in meetings, supporting your decision-making whenever you need it most.

Complete invoicing information at your fingertips

ENMAT Visualizer utilises your actual invoice data and metered consumption to ensure accuracy and completeness. It’s your total energy finance and budgeting solution.