ENMAT is designed to work alongside your existing metering infrastructure. Our future-proof, flexible solution allows you to improve your information without rebuilding your data collection network.

Existing Metering

Do you have existing utility meters or sub metering at your site? If they are modern meters, then we can connect them to ENMAT using our bespoke hardware solutions.

We can import data from the following type of meters:

  • All half hourly fiscal electricity meters (MPAN)
  • Half hourly fiscal gas meters (MPRN)
  • Water meters (fiscal or sub meter)
  • Any sub meter with a pulsed or Modbus output (of supported utility types)

If you have a BMS or M&T system already installed that is not meeting your energy management requirements, we can import data outputs from your existing system into ENMAT.

New Metering Solutions

We provide a full turnkey solution for your new metering needs, from initial site visit all the way through to installation and ongoing service and maintenance. By utilising our experience across many business sectors, we ensure you will only install what metering hardware is required (making sure to utilise your existing metering), to allow you to monitor the areas of your site that are essential to you.

By working directly with hardware suppliers, we are able to offer competitively priced products that will meet the requirements for your M&T solution. We have several hardware offerings that will work seamlessly with ENMAT and provide you with the information you require for your utility management activities.

Our Metering Technology

Most existing modern utility meters have either a pulsed or ModBus output port. We can connect one of our data loggers to any existing metering you have, or new meters we have installed. Each data logger can connect with up to 128 meters at once, and the data is sent to ENMAT via either an IT connection, or direct 3G connection if preferred.

Wired meter connections are very popular, and most M&T projects utilise this technology. ModBus cables can be run over very long distances with little signal degradation, and meters can be daisy chained into an existing network if future expansion to the M&T system is planned.

For where cables are inappropriate due to either restrictions in running cables around a site, or the distance between meters and loggers are too far, wireless communication between sub meters and data loggers is the preferred solution. We can offer long range wireless metering solutions that utilise radio frequency communication to allow secure transfer of data over huge distances (1-3km). In many cases, due to the reduced installation costs from not running cables all over a site, wireless metering technology can often be the most cost-effective solution for larger sites.